About Me

Brad Revare is a lifelong Democrat, nonprofit leader, and father of two who believes that no matter  what neighborhood we live in, we all deserve to feel safe and to have an affordable place to call home. 

But right now, Denver is facing challenges. Too many of us are being priced out of the  neighborhoods our families have lived in for decades. Our public safety department needs more support to be able to respond to emergencies quickly. Our kids don’t have enough access to the opportunities they need to build the future they deserve. 

That’s why Brad quit his corporate job to help build a better future for every Denver family.

Brad launched paid job training programs that connects young people to college and career opportunities to help them thrive. He helped train local government workers to better serve people experiencing homelessness and our most vulnerable neighbors. And, Brad helped lead a nonprofit that brings resources into our neighborhoods and schools to make our communities stronger and safer.

Brad is the leader we can trust to show up and do what it takes to make Denver work for all of us.