My Plan For Representing All of District 8’s Neighborhoods

Representation matters for District 8. Constituent services should drive policy, not politics-as-usual. 

Here’s how we will make sure District 8 has better representation so we can listen, learn, and then lead to get the resources and assets we need in District 8: 

Community Cabinet

In the first 100 days, we will form a community cabinet with representation from every neighborhood in the district and individuals from all walks of life.

The District 8 Community Cabinet will convene periodically. Brad will ask this cabinet to use their community knowledge and lived experience to come up with policy ideas and weigh in on important issues as they arise. This ensures neighborhoods not only have a seat at the table, but that those closest to problems are also part of the solutions to those problems. 

If you want to sign up to be considered for the community cabinet, please fill out this form (link).

Volunteering in the Community Every Quarter

Every quarter, Brad and his staff will volunteer at a nonprofit located in District 8. Nonprofits are essential partners in making District 8 the best district in Denver.

We will invite District 8 neighbors to volunteer alongside us to bring community partnership, attention, and service to worthy causes and spark policy ideas Brad can advocate for at City Council. Serving the community is going to be a core value of our office, and we hope you join us in serving District 8.

Recommend a nonprofit to volunteer at here (link). 

Relationship Building and Customer Service

Many aspects of Denver’s operations are led by our Mayor in a strong-mayor type system. My team and I will spend much of our first 100 days on not only listening to your issues and concerns, but actively develop relationships across different departments and agencies. We want to ensure that when one of you has an issue, we know just who to call to address it. When someone has an issue that can’t be resolved right away, we will ensure you know why and what policy and other solutions we can work towards in the future to make it a solvable issue.

We aim to be the most well-connected and relationship-oriented City Council staff in the City. 

For our neighborhoods in District 8 that have long standing needs around resources and amenities, we will make sure District 8 is top of mind with the Mayor and department leadership. When grants, funding opportunities for non-profit partnerships, or decisions are being made at the City level, we want to ensure District 8 can act fast to get those opportunities.

Entrepreneurial and Constituent-Focused Spirit

Brad’s background in implementing new ideas and pilots inside our City will continue if elected. He aims to make District 8 a place where we cut red tape and work with the City to pilot new solutions supported by the community to solve longstanding problems in our neighborhoods. 

As you can see, Brad’s District 8 office will focus on listening to the community, learning from the community, and then leading with community. Stay tuned for more plans from the campaign!