What I Care About

I believe Denver should work for everyone in District 8. Here’s how I’ve made Denver work in my professional career: 

  • I helped create a youth apprenticeship program that encouraged Denver employers like the City and County to create better college and career options for youth in Denver.
  • I served as Executive Director of a partnership with the City and County of Denver to upskill public employees in innovation and entrepreneurial thinking to provide better services to support the unhoused, increase composting rates, and other improvements.
  • I lead efforts in District 8 to make our streets better for families to safely walk, bike, and roll by serving on the Mayor’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committees, as well as serving on the board of Central Park United Neighbors.

We need leaders who know how to implement new solutions with the community.

Here’s what I care about, because I’ve heard it countless times in my conversations with District 8 neighbors:


Representation and Constituent Services

I believe representing District 8 is a privilege and an honor. That’s why I plan to: 

  • Convene a Community Cabinet with representation from every part of the District.
  • Have the District 8 office staff volunteer at a District nonprofit every quarter to not only ensure we are in the community, but also invite the community to serve alongside us.
  • Host interns or youth apprentices in the District 8 office.
  • Engage the new mayoral administration to ensure they pay attention to the needs of the constituents in District 8.
  • Push for centralized language translation services to ensure everyone can communicate with the city.

Equitable Investment In District 8 Neighborhoods

Every neighborhood in District 8 has different needs. I will be an advocate for: 

  • Channeling the community voice into investments and resources for every neighborhood.
  • Significantly expanding Denver’s Summer Youth Employment Program and the City’s youth apprenticeship program.
  • Fighting gentrification and displacement by incentivizing more Community Land Trusts (example, and another example) to invest in permanently affordable commercial and residential units in District 8.

Traffic and Safe Streets

In every neighborhood in District 8, people feel frustrated by traffic, drag racing, and unsafe streets designed to move cars fast, not people. Brad will fight for:

  • Investments in safe, low-stress streets, designed to support people who want to walk, bike, and take the bus, to get to where they need to go, not just where it’s easiest to build.
  • Dedicated and protected lanes for people who bike or take the bus that connect to a broader network and reduce congestion on busy streets.
  • Sidewalks that are built equitably so people in neighborhoods without them can walk in their communities without putting their life in danger
  • Increasing the use of speed and red light cameras around schools and dangerous intersections.

Public Safety

Denver is experiencing an uptick in crime and increasing emergency response times. Everyone deserves to feel safe in their community and Brad supports strategies that help neighbors feel safe while also advancing criminal justice reform. Policies like:

  • Expanding the STAR program citywide to ensure the right professional responds to a person in crisis anywhere in the City, reduces arrests, and saves taxpayers money.
  • Increasing investment in youth enrichment facilities and youth violence prevention activities.
  • Advancing more community policing initiatives that allow for dialogue, collaboration, and cooperation between neighborhoods and public safety professionals.